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Pátio das Seis Casas

  Pátio das Seis Casas, or Beco Fok Lok, is located in between Travessa do Mata-tigre and Pátio do Padre António. George Smirnoff and his family used to live in one of the buildings in Pátio das Seis Casas after they moved from Hong Kong to Macao during the time of the War of Resistance against Japan. So far, the living area of George Smirnoff’s former residence is still quite intact and of high conservation value.
Address: Pátio das Seis Casas, Macao
Bus route: 2、6、7、1、10、10A、11、21A、50、5、26
Going to next stop: 3 minutes’ walk

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Residential Architecture at Pátio das Seis Casas
Pátio das Seis Casas