Beco da Rosa

  Beco da Rosa, or rose alley, is also known as “Choi Long alley to the pier”. It is connected to Rua dos Ervanários. The area was a coastal area during Ming and Qing dynasties and its alternative name “Choi Long alley to the pier” indicates an alley leading to the pier and docks. Inside the alley, there is a shrine to the Earth God named “Choi Long Se”, in which the “Choi Long Se Inscription”, an agreement signed between the Qing government and residents under the reign of Emperor Jiaqing, is preserved. The agreement provided evidence that the area was once called “Si Seng Fong”, a place where cargo were unloaded and passengers landed in a pier.
Address: Beco da Rosa, Macao
Going to next stop: 4 minutes’ walk

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Beco da Rosa