Beco da Felicidade

    Beco da Felicidade, or alley of joy, is located at the intersection of Rua da Felicidade and Travessa do Aterro Novo. In one of its two openings, near Rua da Felicidade, there can be seen high-rise eaves, on which a granite plaque engraved with the three Chinese characters for “Beco da Felicidade,” is found. There is also a shrine of the Earth God inside the alley. The other end of the alley is linked to Beco das Galinhas. Beco da Felicidade is made up of traditional Chinese residences and paved with rectangular stones, which is characteristic of the streets and alleys in Guangdong. The area around Rua da Felicidade where Beco da Felicidade is situated was once a thriving centre of business, fueled by prostitution, gambling and opium transactions.
Address: Beco da Felicidade, Macao
Bus route: M189 MERCADO DE S. LOURENÇO, M180
Going to next stop: 6 minutes’ walk

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Beco da Felicidade