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Pou Chai Sim Un (Kun Iam Temple)

Pou Chai Sim Un, also known as Kun Iam Temple, is one of Macao’s three major ancient temples, and is also one of the recognised memorials. It is the historical architecture under protection in Macao. The Temple was approximately founded in the 17th century. The Temple houses three halls, namely Mahavira Hall, Longevity Hall, and Kun Iam Hall, dedicated to Buddhist and Taoist deities such as Kun Iam.
     There is a stone table in the backyard of the Temple, which marks the place where Qi Ying, Imperial Commissioner, having come to Macao, engaged in negotiations and signed the “Treaty of Wanghia” with Cushing, an American representative, in Macao in the 24th year of the Daoguang period (1844). In 1944, a pavilion monument in the Temple was established behind the stone table, which marked this event.
Address: Avenida do Coronel Mesquita, Macao
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Pou Chai Sim Un (Kun Iam Tong Temple) and “Treaty of Wanghia”
Pou Chai Sim Un (Kun Iam Temple)