Tai Fung Warehouse (Pier No. 8)

    The 3-storey Tai Fung Warehouse (Pier No. 8) was constructed in the 1950s according to the design by Ho Cong Loi, a renowned architect contracted by Ho Yin. It is a reinforced concrete structure comprises of a pier, warehouse and an office. Owning to its elegant layout, the vessel of Portuguese presidents paying visit to Macao berthed at the Pier, as well as those warships carrying Portuguese soldiers for “guard mounting”, which would take place at Ponte e Horta Plaza (also known as Si Da Hau) lying in front of the Pier. 

Address: Rua do Dr. Lourenço Pereira Marques, Macao
Bus Route: 2、7、N3、1、3A、10、10A、11、18、21A、5、26
Going to next stop: 1 minutes’ walk

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Tai Fung Warehouse (Pier No. 8)