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The Mandarin’s House

    The Mandarin’s House was built along Travessa de António da Silva of S. Lourenço district during the 1880s. It was the residence of poet-industrialist Zheng Guanying and the place where reformist Kang Youwei and Liang Qichao sojourned in Macao.
    When the Mandarin’s House was completed, Zheng Guanying had composed a Qi-que style poem about it titled “New Residence in Macao”. The content of this four-lined poem, with seven Chinese characters to each line arranged in a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme, tells that the mansion had a view to the panoramic seascape spanning from the “Inner Shizimen Channel” to Green Island.
Address: Travessa de António da Silva, Macao
Bus Route: 18、28B(Largo do Lilan)9、16(Rua da Pehna)
Going to next stop: 12 minutes’ walk

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Industrialist-poet Zheng Guanying and the Hundred Days' Reform
The Mandarin’s House