Pou Chai Temple

    Located along Avenida do Coronel Mesquita, the Pou Chai Temple had always been tightly knitted with men of letters. It houses a collection of works by renowned painters, namely Gao Jianfu and Guan Shanyue of Lingnan school of painting, who had sojourned in its precincts, and the calligraphy of famous literati of China, like Zhang Taiyan and Chen Yue. As for poetry, there are works composed by poet-monk Shi Jishan on ending the Qing dynasty and reinstating the Ming government during his sojourns in the Temple, poems by Zheng Zheyuan of Xiangshan county and by Zheng Tianjian, a former mayor of Zhongshan county. In 1949, during his sojourn in Macao, Shang Yanliu, the third runner up in the Imperial Examination dated 1904, took his son, Shang Chengzuo, for a tour of Pou Chai Temple. At the time of the Second Sino-Japanese War, Zheng Zheyuan of Xiangshan County visited the Temple. By then, the backyard of the Temple was much more spacious than today with a view to the landscape of China in the far distance.
Address: Largo da Cordoaria, n.o  6A, Macao
Bus Route: 12、17、18、23、28C(Kun Iam Tong)5、5X、22、25、25X(Sunny View Garden Building)
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Shi Jishan and others Sojourned in Pou Chai Temple
Pou Chai Temple