A-Má Temple

    Many government officials and men of letters in the past had left behind their poetic creations and calligraphic works in A-Má Temple. Zhang Daoyuan, a magistrate of Guangzhou of Qing dynasty, had composed an eight-lined poem with five Chinese characters to each line at the Temple. The poem had inspired other visitors of the Temple to produce their own poems to resonate with it. Amongst them were Zhang Yutang and Shi Changlan. Zhang was born in Huiyang county of Guangdong province. He was a military officer of the Qing dynasty who exceled in writing with his ink-dipped fingers and fist. Shi was a monk of the Temple. 
    These resonating poems have been inscribed onto the rocks of A-Má Temple. They are a precious cultural heritage of Macao.
Address: rgo do Pagade da Barra, Macao
Bus Route: 1、2、5、6、7、10、10A、11、18、21A、26、28B、MT4、N3(A-Má Temple)

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The Rocks at A-Má Temple are Inscribed with Resonating Poetry
A-Má Temple