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Praia Grande and Praia do Bom Parto

    The Praia Grande was also selected into the “Ten Sceneries of Macao” depicted in the poems by Yin Guangren. Before land reclamation, the surrounding of today’s S. Francisco Garden was part of the waters of Praia Grande. It had such a spectacular seascape that many poets were drawn to admire its beauty. In 1924, the Macao Portuguese government blew up the stretch of huge rocks lying in between Praia Grande and Praia do Bom Parto. Upon explosion, a spring of water gurgled from the fissures. Wang Zhaoyong named it as “Spring of Virtues”, which had inspired his circle of poet-friends to compose poems about the spring.  
    In the past, the mansion of Grand Historian Lei Chai Tong was seated on the site of today’s Wan Keng Building at Avenida da Praia Grande. Shang Yanliu lived in the mansion during his residence in Macao.
    In the past, Praia Grande and Praia do Bom Parto were the favorite spots frequented by Liang Yanming, members of “Xue” poetry society, Xian Yuqing and Portuguese poets, like José dos Santos Ferreira, Camilo Pessanha and Arnaldo de Lima.
Address: Grande e Praia do Bom Parto, Macao
Bus Route: 9、9A、18、23、28B、32(Praça de Jorge Álvares)6、9、9A、16、23、28B、32(Pátio do Pagode)
Going to next stop: 13 minutes’ walk

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Chinese and Western poets Frequented Praia Grande and Praia do Bom Parto
Praia Grande and Praia do Bom Parto