D. Maria Hill

Back in the old days, the D. Maria Hill, Pou Chai Temple, Mong-Há Hill and the Green Island lying in the northern part of Macao Peninsula were the places where adherents and poets of the past dynasties, Ming and Qing, admired the seascape of the city and looked nostalgically to China in the far distance. The waters at the foot of D. Maria Hill were dotted with huge rocks before being reclaimed into lands. Of the poets whose works were inspired by the rockscape at the foot of the Colina da D. Maria, there were Qiu Fengjia, one of the three master poets of the Lingnan region, Yang Zenghui of Shunde county, Zheng Zheyuan of Xiangshan county, Zhang Yi, Wu Daorong, Wang Zhaoyong, Shang Yanliu of Panyu district and Xian Yuqing, a poetess who resided in Macao.
Address: Estrada da Bela Vista / Estrada de Ferreira do Amaral, Macao
Bus Route: 28C (Montanha Russa Park)
Going to next stop: 16 minutes’ walk

Detailed information
D. Maria Hill was the Spot where Adherents of the Past Dynasties, Ming and Qing, Looked Nostalgically to China in the Far Distance
D. Maria Hill