Mong-Há Fort

    The construction of Mong-Há Fort began in 1849 but was suspended for fifteen years and resumed in 1864. Upon completion in 1866, the rectangular Fort occupied 700m2 with a circular ammunition depot lying next to its 3m by 2.5m entrance, which had a door made of thick wood and 11 embrasures in its wall. The 6m high enclosing wall of the Fort and the roof of its entrance are built with granite. The northern end of the Fort faces the Border Gate of Macao.
Address: Rampa do Forte de Mong Ha, Macao
Bus Route: 12、18、23、17、28C
Going to next stop: 15 minutes’ walk

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Mong-Ha Fort and Mong-Há Hill
Mong-Há Fort