Rua do Guimarães

    The location of Rua do Guimarães, originally named Travessa da Guelra, used to be a part of North Bay of the Interior Harbor in the old days where many boats and ships berthed to load and unload goods and cargos. Though being one of the commerce and trade centers of the city, the Bay underwent land reclamation when the Macao Portuguese government decided to develop the waterfront. The Rua do Guimarães was one of streets built over the reclaimed land and had been lengthened during subsequent urban road planning. Today, the stretch of two-storeyed buildings, plastered in yellow, standing along Rua do Guimarães is an extant reminder of the early urban development of Macao’s Interior Harbor.
Address: Rua do Guimarães, Macao
Bus route: 618A、19、N1A、4(Almeida Ribeiro)、2、6A、7、N1B、N3、  3、3A、3X、10、10A、  11、18、21A、5、26A、33  (Almeida Ribeiro/Rua Mercadores)
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Land Reclamation in Macao during Late Mid-19th Century
Rua do Guimarães