Calçada do Amparo

    In 1685, the Qing government opened some ports of China to the outside world and founded the Maritime Customs Service of Guangdong, commonly referred as “Dai Guan” (Big Customhouse) in Chinese. It was one of the four major Customs Bureaux of the country and it had set up a branch office in Macao, known as “Guan Bo Hang Toi” (Customs Service Branch), to oversee foreign trade affairs, levy taxes and duties, inspect foreign merchant ships and take care of required formalities when sea vessels entered Guangzhou city. The transliteration of Calçada do Amparo in Chinese, “Calçada of Big Customhouse”, was derived from the Guangdong Maritime Customs Service.
Address: Calçada do Amparo, Macao
Bus route: 18
Going to next stop: 3 minutes’ walk

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“Guan Bo Hang Toi” and Pátio do Amparo
Calçada do Amparo