Rua da Felicidade

    The Rua da Felicidade is a well-known street of Macao steeped in history. It is the main artery of the Fok Long district, which came to exist through land reclamation when the Macao Portuguese government began its development of the Interior Harbor in 1864. The company owned by Chinese merchants Vong Lok and his son was contracted by Macao governor António Sérgio de Sousa to undertake the reclamation in 1869. A handful of new streets were built on the reclaimed lands subsequently.  
Address: Rua da Felicidade, Macao
Bus route: 18A、19、N1A、4(Almeida Ribeiro)、2、6A、7、N1B、N3、3、3A、3X、10、10A、11、18、21A、5、26A、33(Almeida Ribeiro/Rua Mercadores)

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Rua da Felicidade