Rua da Barca

    The site of Rua da Barca used to be a berth along the Lin Kai (Lotus Stream) for small boats. When the new street nearby the stream was completed, it was named Rua da Barca for many boats plied back and forth along the stream. The building numbered 54 at Rua da Barca was once the premises of “Kung Sin Hang” (Trade Union of Shipbuilding Industry of Macau) and the Wing On Pawnshop had operated its business in the building numbered 72. By today, the street is populated by a variety of business outlets, like eateries, pharmacies, optical shops and fashion boutiques. The Hon Kei Noodles is the oldest in history amongst all the other shops. 
Address: Rua da Barca, Macao
Bus Route: 8、8A、26
Going to next stop: 2 minutes’ walk

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Origin of San Kio district
Rua da Barca