Travessa da Corda

    The naming of Travessa da Corda was related to the kind of trade that was concentrated around it. As early as in the 1920s, fishing industry was thriving in Macao and so did its collateral profession, manual rope-braiding. Many neighboring residents of Travessa da Corda and its surroundings were rope-braiders in the old days. But along the changes of time, the street has nowadays become a hustle bustle of people, with the Alegria Cinema, Workers' Children Secondary School (primary section) and Lin Kai Temple (also known as New Lin Kai Temple) seated within its proximity.
Address: Travessa da Corda, Macao
Bus route: 8、8A、26
Going to next stop: 30 seconds' walk

Detailed information
Braiding of Rope and Cordage
Travessa da Corda