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Lin Zexu Took Residence at Lin Fong Temple

  With a history dated back to the Ming dynasty, the Lin Fong Temple is one of the three ancient temples of Macao and is dedicated to the Goddess Tin Hau (Celestial Empress) and Goddess Kun Iam (Goddess of Mercy). On 3 September, 1839, the Imperial Commissioner of Qing dynasty, Lin Zexu, arrived in Macao for an inspection tour to ban opium trade in the city. He entered Macao via Border Gate from the Qianshan area of Zhuhai and met the Portuguese officials of Macao at the Main Hall of Lin Fong Temple to inform them explicitly about imposing an embargo on local opium trade. Lin and the group of officials accessed the city through the City Gate of St. Anthony, went pass Ruins of St. Paul’s and the Customs Post to arrive at A-Ma Temple to make an incense-offering to the Goddess Tin Hau.
Address: The intersection between Avenida de Almirante Lacerda and Estrada do Arco, Macao
Bus Route: 6、1、3X、8、8A、28B、28BX、16

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Lin Zexu
Lin Zexu Took Residence at Lin Fong Temple