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Parish of São Lázaro

The Parish of São Lázaro is the smallest in area amongst the five parishes of Macao Peninsula. Located in the central of the city, it covers the Guia Hill and the surroundings of Avenida do Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida and Tap Seac district. There are many old Portuguese-style buildings around like the Old Ladies’House of the Holy House of Mercy and the neoclassical architecture along Avenida do Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida. The followings are 12 distinctive streets of the Parish:

Rua de S. DomingosTravessa do RoqueteRua dos MercadoresAvenida de Almeida Ribeiro
Rua de Camilo PessanhaRua de Pedro Nolasco da SilvaTravessa dos AnjosRua do Campo
Estrada de S. FranciscoAvenida do Infante D. HenriqueRua das EstalagensTravessa da Sé